Check if the page redirects to another page virtually / backend
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Traditional Web

I have this requirement to get all the pages in the application and check if they are redirected to Invalid Permission page. 

I tried to get the http content of the page and see if the espace name is the same as the espace I am currently checking. However, since I am accessing the page at the backend, it is redirecting to Login page. 

Any solutions is greatly appreciated.


Hi Esrom,

If I understand your requirement correctly you want to redirect to the specific page when the user does not have permission to access it this can be easily handled using a Security exception.

If you need anything else Please elaborate.



Thanks for your answer but this is not about redirecting to another page. All of out pages has access control, which means if you are not logged in or don’t have roles assigned, you will be redirected to no permission page. 

What I want is, get all the pages and check which pages doesn’t have access control.

We want to do this programatically instead of manually checking each page. Tried JS, but keeps redirecting me to the login page since there is no session when accessing the page virtually.

Okay, It means you want to find out how many pages have Anonymous and Registered roles only right?

Not necessarily Anonymous and registered one, we have our own logic for access control, but we redirecting them to an exception page.

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