Input_AutoComplete prompt remains on refresh...

Input_AutoComplete prompt remains on refresh...

I am having a problem with the above. When I Ajax refresh an Input_AutoComplete field, resetting the typed value to "blank", the grey prompt "Type or double-click for list" appears as expected.

However when I click into the field, instead of the prompt disappearing and the cursor blinking in an empty input, the prompt remains and the cursor is embedded within the text where clicked.

If I reload the page, the Input_AutoComplete behaves as expected. It is only on Ajax refresh.

Anyone else noticed this? Experienced this? Have a fix for this?

Hi Ian,

What are you refreshing?
If for some reason you need to refresh it, you should refresh a container around both the input and the input_autocomplete.

João Rosado
Hi João,

I have the input and input_autocomplete placed in a WebBlock and I am refreshing the WebBlock on the page in which it is placed. That would refresh both would it not?
Hi Guys,
Any other thoughts on this issue?
I am also seeing this occur where I have more than one Input_AutoComplete on the same WebBlock, when I click between the two fields.