How to consume a Computer Associates Service Center webservice

I am trying to consume a Computer Associates Service Center webservice named UpdateObject,  Its only setting a single value of Work Order number called zwo_num.   
How do I structure the call in Outsystems to make this call?   
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This is what the references looks like in my eSpace:
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There perl example I was sent looks like this::
 my @attributes1 = ();
    my @attrvals1 = ("zwo_num","MCC:$wo_num");
            $ws_return = $ws->update_object($WS_SID, $Persistent_id, \@attrvals1, \@attributes1);

Support says: 
From the example in Perl, however, I would say you need to create a variable RecordList of the proper data type to pass to attrVals, and do the same for the attributes. Again given the Perl example, the attrVals variable will be empty, and you must append "zwo_num" and "MCC:$wo_num" to the attributes variable.

If this is the correct method, how would this look in outsystems?

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Hi Donald

The images you've set on your post have broken links. You can upload the images themselves instead of a link.

Additionally, if you could share the WSDL of the web service we might be able to help you.


Miguel Simões João