Session timeout in Windows integrated authentication scenarios
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Hello, we use Windows Integrated Authentication.

Our application always directs the user to the same "main" page on first login.

When the session times out, when the user clicks somewhere, he's automatically logged in, but..... he is always redirected to that same "main page".

Is there any way to know which page the user was on the session timeout, so I'm able to redirect the user to it again, when the WIA logs him again?



On your error handler (the security one is likely the one that is sending them to the default page post-login.) you can add an input for 'redirect to url' to forward on through the login process & input to your login script or main page that, if not null, will forward the user.

We use the function GetBookmarkableURL() which works on client actions as well as server actions.

Let us know if you have any issues!

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I'll have to test a bit better, but it seems to be working.

I'll mark your reply as solution, then.

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