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I want config SSL, how to config SSL by step.

forge : FTPSc

To use SSL to connect to FTP(S) you need to choose the FTPS selector, not FTP. That error occurs when you attempt to connect to a secure FTP server via insecure protocols.

The boolean appears to be a bit misleading since IsFTP is actually 'is FTP(s)' since when its true it sends the true boolean to the FTPSc extension.

You can open the extension and verify that this boolean is connecting via secure ftp.

If you continue to encounter any issues feel free to provide additional context and information!

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i setting follow your steps and try to connect but error as attach images.

Could you suggest me to check other configuration?

The 'connection has timed out' error means that the system was unable to connect to the server on that port. Please verify that the host is reachable on port 22 and that it is a FTPS port.

(Typically 22 is SSH, not a FTP or FTPS protocol.)
If for some reason your system is running FTPS on port 22, you may need to discuss the firewall rules with OutSystems support.

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