Long SharePoint API upload time when using Mobile Phone camera
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)

Hi all,

Uploading pdf files or anything other than an image taken from the phone takes a short time to upload to SharePoint. I've created a service module that acts as an API for SharePoint but it takes a very long time ONLY when an image is taken from the phone when using the Upload Widget (Take Photo). It's to the point where I've had to increase the Server Request Timeout.

I am not using a personal environment, I'm using an enterprise environment.

Dose anybody know how to make this process faster? Is it a conversion to binary data issue? The file size is not big, it's less than 5MB.

The process:
User taps Upload Widget -> User selects "Take Photo" -> User takes photo -> Binary Data from the image is sent to a Server Action within the Service Module -> File is created with the Binary Data provided to SharePoint.


can you use text data type to convert from binary to text  and change text to binary in server action.

you can try this option.


Hi @James Morss 

Did you debug the code and checked serve action is taking or API

If API is taking time that means there is something from API side



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