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Do we have an option to join the tables output from the MS Dataverse (using integration builder) within Outsystems without using the "On After Fetch" server action?


How you join information is ultimately a matter of what API you use to extract data from the MS Dataverse.

If you're pulling it via a 'Database' extension using the integration tool, it would act like any other database table that you can manipulate and perform joins upon.

If you're pulling it via a 3rd party extension or a REST API for example, you could still manipulate the data server side and serve it to the client via a Fetch Data from Other Sources.

Alternatively, if you're in a situation where you're attempting to manipulate the once it is already on the page, and don't want to perform client actions on it, you could use some sort of javascript to manipulate the data that way, however that method becomes much more complex and has a much higher future technical debt .

Feel free to provide more information if you require additional clarification.

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Thanks for the response. I am using integration builder and getting the option as Search instead of getting as a table. Hence I am not able to join the tables. Do we have any option to enable in MS Dataverse to view as tables? 

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