Multiple Options with DropdownSearch's AllowMultipleSelection

I need to perform a query on a list of records by name and status.

The status query will be carried out by a DropdownSearch.

The issue is that I have to make it available for querying more than one status at the same time.

For that I'm using DropdownSearch's AllowMultipleSelection = True so I can select the statuses I want to implement.

However, I don't know how to implement this functionality.

How to configure Dropdaown correctly, how to receive the values in the aggreggate filter so that it can filter correctly.

I weigh the help of colleagues to resolve this situation.

Follow the .oml for a better understanding

print (2).jpeg
print (1).jpeg

Hi, João Santos

As your requirement I create an oml and also share test link.

Test link : Multiple Options with DropdownSearch's

Instead of status I use ProductCategories but both are same

please check it.

Kind regards,

Kundan Chauhan

MultiSeearch Dropdown.oml

Thanks Kundan , It worked here it worked perfectly.

KUNDAN CHAUHAN in aggregate it worked. But how could I implement the same logic in an advanced sql? 

SELECT  {Sample_Product}.[*] FROM {Sample_Product}
WHERE {Sample_Product}.[Name] IN @SearchId

I tried it this way. Only the error pos does not recognize the input parameter as a list. 

Hello @João Santos,

I have made changes in your OML, please find it below. I think it will work for you.


Thank you for your collaboration. manage to solve the problem

Hey João, 

Follow the below steps :

1)Create a local variable called "Store" of type text. 

2)Use the below snip text in your aggregate filter that you have used as table source.

3)Use the below snip code in DropdownSearchOnChange.

It will work.

If still it doesn't work, please let me know I will resolve it as soon as possible.

Thank & Regards,

Sudip Pal

Thank you for your collaboration. manage to solve the problem


Have a nice day 😊

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal

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