I want to assign task to more than one group this groups selected from user

i have an entity to store the "group extended Id" for selected groups by user
now i want to send task to each group .  after user in group pick the task and take an action then the task not show again for you (not assigned to you or it's group)
1- How to assign to multi group 
2- how to hide the task from (user And it's group) after user of the group take action


A simple method would be to create a many to many relationship for your group id to task id table, and when one user of the group takes action, you would remove the other relationships from the join table.
The join table is simple to create and maintain.

GroupID (Type is group ID)
TaskID (Type is task ID)
You can then know which have been assigned by simply querying the GroupTaskJoinTable where TaskID=TaskIDtoCheck. If lookupaggregate.count > 1, you know it has not yet been assigned.

There are any number of combinations of ways to implement a solution to this problem, but I think this one would be the quickest and likely scale better than solutions where you try to track more details within your join table.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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Hey @Abduerhman Salama,

As per my knowledge you have a task list say 10 tasks in a list which is visible to everyone in that particular role. But if somebody assigned 2 tasks to him/her self then only 8 tasks should be visible to everyone and 2 should be in his/her bucket right?

I am attaching ss and OML please check if that is what u wanted.

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