OutSystems Radio Group with incorrect value on aria-activedescendant
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)
Platform Version
11.23.0 (Build 40636)

When we have a button group with accessible features on, and click on an option inside the button group the attribute aria-activedescendant is added to the radio button wrapper (".radio-group") with, apparently, the index order of the selected option, as shown on the exemple bellow:

When performing an accessibility evaluation using aXe Tools chrome extension or pa11y cli an error is shown regarding the aria-activedescendant attribute.

Error exemple from aXe Tools Chrome Extension

According to the official documentation the aria-activedescendant attribute should refer to the active element, as seen on the example from the w3c documentation

The example displays the aria-activedescendant with the ID of the active element.

It's hard to say more without an example OML, however, my guess would be that the ID is not set in studio. If it is set, it is possible that it's a problem with OutSystems UI itself, at which point the only workaround would be to modify the HTML to include the correct ID at runtime, at least until such a time that OutSystems UI is updated... But please definitely share an example of your setup so that we may assist your debugging!

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