Service Application is not present in the Users app

When accessing the Users application at https://<environment_address>/Users, on the Applications tab, you notice that one of your created apps isn't showing on the list.

Consequently, you can't assign the app's role to a user. 

This happens when a given app doesn't have a "Home" module defined. 

The inability to set a service module as a "Home" module in a service application is what I would expect the functionality to be. 

However, it then does not seem possible to assign roles in the Users application when the application is a service application and the module that contains the roles is a service module.

The use case I am working on is for an API module that uses custom authentication. A system user account is required, and the accessing user needs to have explicit permission to access that exposed endpoint.

Is there any way around this issue other than creating a separate group/role/user management application to assign service roles to users?

The problem manifests in a similar way to https://success.outsystems.com/support/troubleshooting/application_lifecycle/application_is_not_present_in_the_users_app/


Hi Ouen,

I tried it out, and yes, the app doesn't show up in the apps tab, but no, that doesn't stop me from giving a user that role.

so yes, no home module :

it has a role defined

it doesn't show op on the applications tab of the user module :

But i can select the role to give it to a user or group

And afterwards, the role is there for that user or group

And it also works when testing.


Thanks Dorine.

I can confirm that the role can only be added to a group.

It does not match the functional expectation of the Users module, but at least it is manageable within the Users module.

I can add it to both groups and individual users

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