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Hi guys! 

I've been poking around Cache documentation in OutSystems and I found two articles that seem contradictory, in my opinion, and in turn can lead developers to some confusion.

This leads to my question:

  • Is it possible to cache an entire screen in Traditional Web Development?

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Traditional apps do not support full-screen caching. 

These are the elements that support caching as described in this article.

  • The lists returned by Aggregate and SQL.
  • Output parameters of custom Server Actions.
  • Web Blocks and elements they contain.




Actually, it does support, You can cache the entire screen but it needs to be used carefully.

Referring to Antonio's First Link

Hi guys!

From what I've been testing it seems that for now the platform does not cache entire Web Screens for traditional apps. 

Additionally, I've analysed the following community post https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/57955/cache-in-minutes-tradition-web-screen-property/ that relates with this topic. There it says that indeed at the moment it's not possible to cache an entire web screen.

However, I'm still confused because one of documentation says one thing and the other seems to contradict it.

I hope we can soon reach the bottom of the question.


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