Why are Crud Operations available for Static Local Entity?

Hello Everyone,

We are taking for Mobile Apps here 

I have created a Static Server Entity called "Status" And hence replicated the entity to local also called "StaticLocal" but I noticed a wired thing

Local entity of static entity has CRUD operations available. Can anybody explain how will this crud be helpful. Though I create some records in the local static entity but as there creation records in the server is not possible I am not sure if they help in any form.  

Hey Shlok,

The thing is when you create local entity from static entity , it will not work like a static entity.It is like a normal entity .And for normal entity always have those actions.

There is no static entity in local storage .


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Sudip Pal

Hi Shlok Agrawal ,

In mobile for Local storage we cannot create static entities. All the Local storage is meant for storing the data locally and creating static entity doesn't make sense. So here what you are referring to is not static entity and that's why it has all CRUD operation. 

Refer this https://learn.outsystems.com/training/journeys/mobile-developer-679/local-storage-entities/o11/634

Hope that helps.


Mayuri Pokale

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