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I have a specific requirement where I need to display information from two different documents in a layout and that layout must be present in popup ,similar to the image below: 

I have these documents stored in separate blocks, and I would like to know how to achieve this layout in OutSystems. 

Could you please guide me on how to implement this in OutSystems? Any advice, best practices, or example code snippets would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!


You can stack those two documents block on the new block while creating the events and stuff as required then this newly created block can be used in popup to showcase all two document from different blocks. Meanwhile you will need to change some appearance of the popup so that both docs are visible clearly. 

I hope that helps. 


Mayuri Pokale

How to set that apperance in block and in popup because that content get flows outside from popup

Are you creating reactive or traditional application? 

In traditional, you can set the width and height of the popup.

And In reactive, you will need to add some classes containing required width and height to your popup so that it fit the content. 

And for the block you can put it in container as resize it as required. 

Hope that helps.


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