Developer Conference Justification Letter

Hello Community! 

If you are looking for some resource to convince your boss to let you join this conference. Then you go to this link Justification Letter.

If you are trying to download the letter from the below area as shown in the image,  then please do small modification in the URL and download the letter.

Wrong URL:  https://www.outsystems.com/-/media/images/company/events/one-developer-conference/2023/documentation/one23-general-convince-your-boss-doc.docx

Correct URL: https://www.outsystems.com/~/media/images/company/events/one-developer-conference/2023/documentation/one23-general-convince-your-boss-doc.docx

See you there.... Best of Luck.

That's a pretty cute idea. You guys could also use a simple interactive AI chatbot to enhance the personalization of the message and make it more dynamic in case there are multiple people from the same team who would like to go.

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