Experience Builder incompatible with OutSystems UI 2.16.0
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)
Platform Version
11.23.0 (Build 40636)

I am trying out experience builder but I am encountering an error that points towards hereIt is requiring me to refresh the dependencies of ExBuilder_MPat module but it is a protected module.
I found out that the OutSystems UI version that the ExBuilder_MPat uses is 2.6.7, we are currently using version 2.16. There are other applications that currently use v2.16.

Is there a way to refresh the ExBuilder_MPat dependencies or can I install OutSystems UI v2.6.7 in parallel with v2.16?

I'm unable to access the tool it seems, however, you can update references from service center by placing modules in a solution, and checking the 'Publish with full compilations' option before clicking 'publish.'

Hope this works for you!

RAD Manage

Hello Kevin

From documentation, we got you need to install on your dev environment (preferably) a package that will allow the Experience Builder to work (it's a service). This package is downloaded from a link provided by the service itself (here).

So, I don't recommend to simply add the components to a solution and republish it, as it may not solve the issue, due to potential breaking changes between the components version and the actual OutSystems UI.

I would first try to see, on the service, if there is a new version of the component to install on the environment. If not, I would escalate this situation to OutSystems Support, as the component should be kept up to date with OutSystems UI.
Support may tell you publishing a solution with the component modules like RAD said is safe and solves the problem, but in this case, to avoid breaking other things, I would wait for the support answer.


Hey @RAD Manage 

I had the same problem, got help from the Outsystems supports. Please follow these steps:

1. Download 2.6.7 version 

2. Delete OutSystems UI from ServiceCenter

3. Upload and Publish 2.6.7 version from ServiceCenter 

4. Create new version for Solution ALL and publish it

Shlok Agrawal


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