How to use DBFReader

I just installed the DBFReader from forge and i have a sample DBF file but i didn't know how to use this DBFReader may I ask for your help on this.

Hi Don Lopez,

Here are the simplified steps to use the DBFReader component in OutSystems:

  • 1. Install the DBFReader component from the Forge.
  • 2. Create a web screen or action where you want to read the DBF file.
  • 3. Use the `DBFReader.ReadFile` action to read the DBF file, providing it with the binary data of the file.
  • 4. Use the `DBFReader.GetRecords` action to retrieve the records from the DBF file.
  • 5. Process and display the data as needed in your OutSystems application.
  • 6. Implement error handling to handle any potential issues during file reading or processing.

Hi @Vijay Perumalsamy ,

Do you have any video how to do that? I'm sorry I am new using this outsystem

Hi Don Lando Lopez ,

You can also check DBFReader's document  which is also available in forge.

Hi @Vijay Perumalsamy ,

I'm sorry again, I checked again the forge however I didn't see any document for dbfreader I only see the DBFReader app itself.

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