Dim other record and only allow to edit relevant record

I would like to dim other record and allow user to edit relevant record base on the record ID mentioed in URL .

My record here is One Job Maintenance can have many job task. When I click edit specific Job task in the mainpage. I would like to dim other job task in that click.

E.g. I clicked to edit  Job Task 63  (Belongs to JobMaintanance ID 35, and there is another job task ID 78 )

Inside the edit page, the URL mentioned the jobdetailID=63, 

In this case, can another job taskID78 configured as "not allowed to edit" in the page. 

If user click "edit" from the Job Maintenance, then all the job tasks inside can be editted. 

Kindly advise. Thanks.


You can add condition on visible property of your edit link like Tasks.Current.TaskId = JobDetailed

where JobDetailed is the Id that you received from your URL.

Please note that if user change value of JobDetailed manually into URL he will be able to edit the task with Id he entered or changed

Can you capture where can I set this? Thanks.

Hi @Mostafa Othman

Can you help go into my oml and see what should I define.




If I understand what you need to do so change will be into JobTestPopup screen not into JobTestPopup2.

I just changed visible property of edit link as screenshots below 

And this is the condition I added to visible property 

HI @Mostafa Othman , I mean the link in JobTestPopUp2, Once clicked the link, it will direct to JobTestPopUp.

Job Maintenance: 35 (Job Task ID 63 & Job Task ID 78 are inside)

However, there are several job tasks inside one JobMaintenance ID. What I want is if I click edit Job task ID: 63 in JobTestPopUp2 page , then direct to JobTestPopUp URL , but user can only click the JobTask ID 63 record inside and JobTask ID 78 is prohibited to edit

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