Why does my Upload Widget not have the properties mentioned in the forums / articles?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)

When I drop an Upload widget on my screen, it has a limited set of properties. I simply want to upload a user profile picture. All the articles and forum posts refer to properties that do not exist on my widget. I am primarily looking for Content and Filename. I don't understand why they are missing or how to fix it.

In the past I was forced to upgrade from the old SilkUI to the new OutSystemsUIWeb. Not sure if that transition could be impacting me somehow.



I think you are using traditional Application. There if you search you will get these options

Select the File Upload option And drag it to your screen still you will see the same options you mentioned before. Then go to your logic where you want to assign this binary data and file name

There you will find the option under Widgets folder.

Hope it helps you.


Pavan R

That solves it.

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