what is the difference between Case_PerformActionActivity and Case_CloseActivityAsync

what is the difference between Case_PerformActionActivity and Case_CloseActivityAsync

I use Case_CloseActivityAsync 
when i want to close an activity with status and all thing is good
but i want to know about  Case_PerformActionActivity 
and how to make a return to requester using thus action  or other like this 

Hi @Abduerhman Salama ,
If you want to return back the flow to the requester then you will need to use the activity "activity assign to user"  and after that hold the execution by using the wait activity, and you can link this wait with your entity where you are maintaining the assignee,  wait will end only when any update in the entity(When requester performs any action this entity will update and wait will end).
Hope this helps you.
If you have more queries, could you please provide the OML.


Hello @Abduerhman Salama 

  • Case_PerformActionActivity: Performs an action to an existing activity associated to a case, taking into account the action specific validations. 

  • Case_CloseActivityAsync : Close an activity and validates that only the correct user can close it (will try to close the activity in an asynchronous way). Enhanced activity close funtionality in opposing the default synchronous BPT close behaviour. 

For Returning to the requester use 'Activity_AssignToUser' and pass the ActivityId and UserId (whom you want to return it.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards


thanks mohd 
i read it from documentation but i can't understand the difference 


Trying to be more clear and specific,


It allows you to trigger a custom action that you have defined in your business process model, which can include various activities or steps.

You typically use this action when you want to perform a specific task or action on a case without necessarily closing it.

After executing this action, the case may continue with its process flow, depending on how your business process is designed.


This action is used to asynchronously close a case within a business process.

It is typically used when you want to mark a case as completed or finished and end its associated process flow.

Once this action is executed, the case is considered closed, and no further actions or steps are executed within that case's process flow.

This is useful when you want to signify the completion of a case, and it is often used at the end of a business process when all necessary tasks are finished.


The choice between these actions depends on the specific requirements of your business process and what you want to achieve with the case. 

Hope this helps :)

Thanks & Regards 


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