My requirement is to store the mails from gmail in outsystems database. I have seen some forge componets like Google gmail connector and gmail connector with auth block components. But not upto the mark can any one help me how to configure those components.

If you want to succesfully implement this in outsystems, you need to learn about Google Cloud and GOOGLE API: GOOGLE Gmail API

Understanding API implementation should make it straightforward to implement these Forge components. 

I have done the following things in Google Cloud platform.

1. Created a new app in Google Cloud.

2. Enabled the Gmail Api to the app.

3. also created the OAuth credentials.

Is things are enough or do I need anything?

I can't remember all the steps(google has a lot of documentation you can check,also try and ask ChatGPT or Bard if you forgot a step)

Before continuing in outsytems i would suggest calling the API using Postman or something similar,.This way, you can guarantee the API is working before developing the outsystems module.


Alternatively once you have set up the external API key for gmail you can use it with any SMTP & IMAP client...

I believe there are a few IMAP clients on the forge as well.

Hello, Harikrishna

Some time ago I've wrote an article about this subject. You can check the step-by-step in the link below. I hope it helps you.


Best regards.

Hello, Amaury de Freitas Almeida 

Thanks for the above documentation, But I must get the emails from Gmail and then store them in the OutSystems database. I have explored the Google Gmail Connector component from Forge but don't know how to use it need some guidance on this. 

Best regards.

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