Reactive Web showing error when first time navigate using IOS device

Hi all, I have this problem where an error keeps occurred when first time navigating to the URL of a reactive application in all browser on IOS device. Here's the error message:

I have tested using Mac OS and iPhone 7 with version 15.6.1, and it is working fine. But when I test on iPhone 13 with version 16.6.1 it occurs.

Is it due to the IOS or OSUI version? Currently, I'm using OutsystemUI 2.16.0

Have you attempted to inspect the Service Center for any logs that might provide additional information about the cause of the error? 

[ErrorScreen] Script error for "OutSystemsUI.languageResources", needed by: OutSystemsUI.Utilities.AlignCenter.mvc$controller, OutSystemsUI.Adaptive.Columns2.mvc$controller, OutSystemsUI.Utilities.ButtonLoading.mvc$controller, OutSystemsUI.Interaction.AnimatedLabel.mvc$controller

this is the error that I got

Hi Afiq,

That error suggests a script has not loaded.

Maybe check if any scripts (presumably with languageResources in the name) have failed to download or have been blocked by content security policy.

Kind regards,


In addition to making sure there isn't something blocking the script from loading (ad blockers, DNS gateways, etc) also verify that you have cleared the cache on the device, as IOS has different caching policies than Android.

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