How can I find a developer to help me develop a fleet management platform?

I am looking for a developer to help me develop a fleet management platform. I have a clear idea of the features I need, but I am not sure how to find the right developer. I would appreciate any recommendations or advice. 

What you are asking for is like a job, and for that reason, I advise you to post that on the jobs section


If you're looking for assistance with developing the solution, the best approach is to get started with the work. As you make progress, if you encounter any questions, doubts, or problems (without expecting someone else to do all the work for you), feel free to ask additional questions on the forums! 

P.S. There's a wealth of community content available for you to explore, which can provide valuable guidance as you progress. Learning often happens through hands-on experience. 

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@Tarun Nagar 

Additionally, OutSystems partners are available for this sort of work if you do not feel comfortable hiring for the project yourself or if you need a jumpstart to get your team moving on the project very quickly.

You can find more about them at: https://www.outsystems.com/partners/list/?i=Transportation%20%26%20Logistics&typeFiltersSelected=IndustryType&sort=1 (I pre-selected the transportation and logistics category as that seemed the closest match for what you're looking for.)

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