Azure AD users not being deactivated in OutSystems

We successfully connected OutSystems to our Azure AD and users/roles being migrated and mapped correctly and automatically when users login to our application.

However, we noticed that if a user is removed from Azure AD (employee leaves the company), the user is not being deactivated or deleted in OutSystems!

Do we need to perform/configure additional steps so that if a user in Azure AD gets removed then they are also deactivated/removed from OutSystems?


Hi Maitham,

Users will not be automatically removed/deactivated from the OutSystems database when the person leaves the company. You will need to write some logic for this, it could be in a timer to regularly check if the person exists in Azure AD, if the person is not available, you can deactivate the user within the Users entity.

To check the weather a user is available in Azure AD, you can use the Graph API. Hope this will help.



Thank you @Sachin Mahawar 

Yes we will implement a custom logic to check if users are still active in AD.

You would think that OutSystems would have provided some component out of the box by now as this is such a recurring scenario in many organisations.

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