Aplicações de exemplo do ambiente pessoal

Como implementar TODAS as telas das aplicações de exemplo que o OutSystems fornece (Build a fully functional app in Service Studio ) ? 
Por exemplo: Online Store, Order Management, Task Manager Portal..? 

Hello Jonata Zuanny, 

First of all, according to the community guidelines, English is the only admissible language within community forums. Please take this into consideration when posting questions. You can be penalized by writing it in other languages. 

Regarding what you posted, can you please be more clear? I'm a Portugues speaker and I didn't understand what was your goal and what you would like to achieve with your question. 

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Hi Jonata Zuanny, 

To be able to install these sample applications on your environment you just need to go to the forge search for each and install it. 

You can after check the code and perform any kind of extra changes according to your needs. 

Hope that it helps you 

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