Autofill Email Inputbox Field

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I have one poc in my application where, I need to autofill our email id inputbox field with the registered email address on the mobile phone. Is there any way how we can get the email id and assign that value to our email input field.

Hello, Allan kedari, 

If you are using the user database for this, then while you login, you will get the user's ID. With that help, you can filter the users. id=getuserid(), and from there you can get the emails.
and pass to your input widget variable.

I hope this will help you. 

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Akshay Deshpande

Hi @Akshay Deshpande,

@Arun Rajput  , @Amit Verma 

The Email which I am saying is not an email of outsystems database it is email id which is registered on mobile phone

For example :- Andriod mobile has gmail application which has multiple/Single email attached

Same for IOS Mobile it has Icloud email registered as primary email we need to get this email from mobile platform.


Hi @Allan Kedari 

Fetch user table inside the screen and put filter below filter

User.Id =GetUserId()

By this filter you will get record of logged in user from user aggregate

Now bind User.Email attribute of user aggregate from input box.




Hi @Allan Kedari,

Please check below link


If your requirement is fulfill then pls let me know will share OML file.



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