cannot able to get the finally added data in the screen

Hi everyone.

i have created an example application with two users admin and employee.so the admin will add the projects and task for the employee.so i am the admin i created an 1 project and 2 tasks for a employee.

in the employee login employee can able to see the project and the 2 tasks. so after entering the timing the employee will submit .i will approve .

issue-after the employee submission of 2 tasks.if 1 add an 3rd task for the same project.it doesnot reflecting in the employee login .it only reflects once i remove and readd the project.my thing i need to see the 3rd task on the employee login without removing the project.

Hello Arjun,

Do you have status for project?

If yes, you may change status of project after submission of first two tasks and when admin add the third task you didn't reset status of project again. And home page of employee may select projects and tasks based on status of project that why when you add third task project doesn't display again

I am not getting it sir . can you explain  please

Can you please show filters of aggregate that you are using to display tasks into employee screen?

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