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Hi Team,


I want to implement a POC around Excel upload and download functionality.


There is a standard Excel Template( attached below) under the Outsystems resources folder.


1) The Excel sheet consists of a dynamic column that needs to be repeated dynamically depending on the length of the list we get from an API.


2) The Excel sheet also consists of a set of dynamic columns that need to be repeated dynamically as a group depending on the length of the list we get from an API.


We wanted to add the dynamic data from the API to the Excel sheet and then download that sheet. And also, after downloading that excel sheet, we can make a few changes to it and upload it again to our application, and our application should be able to read the data from the excel sheet and store it in a variable with a similar structure.


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions 
For reference, I  have attached one Excel file to upload 


Hello Akshay,

You can check following forge component which may help you. 


In your case you will need to create excel sheet every time you call Rest API and get response. Using excel sheet into resources will not help you. 

I've already tried downloading, which is happening somehow but not uploading 
So want to work OML, which is appreciated more

I am sorry I don't have OML implementing this. But I don't think you will be able to create structure based on columns of uploaded excel sheet in runtime.

Although I am aware of this, the client has requested it, so I am doing my best. For this, some expertise is required. So I'm waiting for more replies. :)

I hope someone will help you but I may suggest to implement C# extension that handling upload process and may return JSON which will be for example as following:


    "columns": [{

            "name": "column_A",

            "value": "100"



            "name": "column_B",

            "value": "200"




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