Implementing Picture Selection from a Carousel for List Items in OutSystems


I have a specific requirement where I need to display pictures from a database in a carousel. Within this carousel, I have multiple images are presented. However, I want to enable users to select one image from the carousel and associate it with a particular list item. Once selected, the chosen image should be displayed alongside the list item.

I'm seeking advice on how to achieve this functionality efficiently. Should I implement a method for users to select images from the carousel and save them for individual list items? Or is there a way to display these images in a dropdown for easier user selection?

Any insights or guidance on implementing this feature  would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hello Aisha,

Its better to display images into carousel, its more user friendly and use can check image and select.

For selection you can include images into link and create client action On Click to save Id or binary data of image to individual list as per your requirements

Thanks for your help !!, it works.

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