[OutSystems UI] Breaking changes in 2.16.0
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Thanks for the regular updates in the outsystems ui. Unfortunately the last few versions had breaking changes which created some headache for us in terms of rollout over multiple teams and applications. I started looking at these changes and i was wondering why outsystems marks this as breaking:

its seems that there were some events added to the webblocks of the outsystems ui, however these events are not mandatory so they have no real impact on the usage of these blocks. 

Is it a possibility that your team can coordinate this with the product team to ignore new events that are not mandatory, because the less breaking changes, the better! 

This in the spirit of the ONE conference where there were a lot of talks about development strategies without breaking changes.

Kind regards,



Hello @Bas de Jong 

First of all, thank you for the feedback.
We are completely aligned with that and that is definitely a concern we've been chasing for a long time but that needs to be aligned according to product priorities and as a team, we can't change it directly since as many other components we work on top of the platform in the same way other OS developers work.
The good news in my perspective is that is already being tackled for ODC and in terms of disruption this was the last version with big impacts like these but we needed to do it (and we took this in mind in the plan - believe it that this is something we are really serious about but that needs to be balanced with the evolution of the framework) in order to close a huge architecture revamp we did together we providing the tools needed for completeness on our extensibility initiative, so the next versions will be much smoother.


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