Syncing pattern with images Mobile

I'm working on a checklist app that can contain an item which requires to take a picture. Also, I want to see pictures taken from other checklists by other users and also delete them if needed.

Now I use the Read/write last wins sync pattern from outsystems documentation, but that requires to delete all local pictures and create them again fetched from the server. This is suboptimal, since the binary will increase the time of syncing a lot.

I couldn't find a solution for this, but for sure some have faced the same issue. Are there any valid solution that contains logic to prevent the deletion and creation of those entities containing pictures.

It should be some combination of Read-only optimized and Read/write last wins patterns.

Thanks in advance!

Patterns are just patterns you can implement. You can just change the implementation if it doesn't fit your needs. Just add custom code to check for changes and update only if necessary.

Maybe this forge component might help you optimizing/create a better syncing solution for transferring binaries from client to server or from server to client. 


Niels F.

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