How to get old session of one web page when I redirected it once again.

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I need some ideas or solutions to handle the below issues:

I am building one mobile app and have an integration chat box of Salesforce Sevice (it is Carina Chat if you knew it). The problem here is when users open the app and then click the Chat Icon it will redirect one page browser of Salesforce provided. At here, Users will chat and type in Chatbox. Then they click the hide icon of Chatbox, it will redirect to the initial app. Now they click ChatIcon again, it will redirect to the above page browser of Chatbox. But the second of this Redirection will open a new session chat. And I want the second of this Redirection will keep going old session chat. How must I do? 



Typically this is achieved by storing chats in the database so that they become session-less. Ensure that every message sent or received in the chat is stored in a database in real-time. This way, regardless of session disruptions, the chat history remains intact. 

You should be able to queue up the chatbot with the previous messages once you return to prevent any change in performance. Additionally, in this way, you could import data from the external sources for enhanced resposnes.

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Hi @RAD Manage,

Thank you for replying to me. 

Because I use the Web Page chat box of the third party (Salesforce Service), I don't know how way to get old sessions from them. Do you have another idea?



If you're using a third party chat integration, the only way I imagine you might be able to do that would be through that integration's existing support structure...


RAD Manage

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