consumer not recognizing the producer changes
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)
Platform Version
11.18.1 (Build 37905)

I added one rest api and its service actions and published the module.

I am using this module in another module, which is where , i want to consume the newly added api.

When i go to manage dependencies option , to add the new changes from rest api  module, it does not detect any new changes.

Only, if i change anything in the existing api's , it detects that change.

I have made the response structure as public.

Please help.



Service actions are loosely coupled, so if you make any changes to its action flow you don't need to refresh its consumer, the changes will be automatically reflected,

If you made any changes to request and response parameter or added any new input or output parameter in that case you need to refresh the reference.

I am sharing you some links that will help you https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/11/developing_an_application/reuse_and_refactor/use_services_to_expose_functionality/


Tousif Khan

Hi , 
In case there is a change in the input or output parameters of the API or some other changes then we need to refresh the dependencies as it will be a direct dependency . In case of the service action it is a loosely coupled dependency in the case where we are making changes inside it . So it will be automatically refreshed you need not go and refresh the producer module exclusively.


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