Create a Date Picker

hi guys, I want to create a Date Picker to pick a date for my Task. After selecting the date, it will show up in the input field. How can I do this, can you help me with my onClick, onClose and onSelect action ?



There is a How to Tutorial you can check out it will help you.


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I hope this works

Tousif Khan

Thank you, I've created and managed to choose the date, but each time I access or refresh the Web App, the date is set to default. can I ask another question, now I want to save it to my database and I want when I access to my App, the New Date is displayed, Can you help me with this ?


You need to bind the Input with your database attribute.

New date are you referring to fresh date I mean blank field or Date that is stored in a DB,

Also if you can update your post with, the application type that would be more helpful for community to answer on this.

Tousif Khan

Hi Duong Khai,

You must set the local variable used in the textbox to the entity record and then call the entity create action in order to save the selected date in the database.

Record creation can be triggered by events like the submit button or a date change.

You can refer to this similar thread, datepicker-widget-to-keep-value.



Hi Duong ,

Please follow the below steps :

1)Create a local variable of type text and use it in the input widget.

2)Create a handler for "OnSelect".

3)Assign the StartDate into the Date field.

It will work!

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal


I have attached the OMl here, you will find it in OnBlur Screen, Please igonr the loop instead of that use as shown below,



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