modifying input in the url

Hi! I have an input in the screen, it is in the url leading to the screen. In the screen itself I modify the input after pressing a button. How can I update this input also in the link?

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If you closely see the Url you will find the parameter with the value there is a equal there

You can add the same as you name your input and after the equal sign add whatever you need to pass

I hope this helps

Tousif Khan

Thank you, Tousif. But I need to know another thing. When input variable is modified in the screen, in the link it is still the same. How can I update input in the link programatically once the input variable is changed within the screen?


There are two ways, either you need to reload a page, and redirect the user to same page and pass the value on the action flow on destination node of flow of the same screen, 

The other way you need to work on JS, not implemented this but you can give it a try 


A sample Oml is attached if you are looking. for this case, if not then can you please modify it send back here.

Sample - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/824349/how-do-i-modify-the-url-without-reloading-the-page

Tousif Khan


Hey @Valentyna Boiko ,

You have two screens. In the first screen you have a button and on click of this button second screen will open.Correct ?

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal

Hi Sudip! No, not exactly. I have one screen with input parameter (it is shown in the link). in this screen there is a button that changes that parameter. but in the link this parameter is still the same. So then if the user refreshes the page, the parameter in the link has old value, and I need new value

Thank you


I am sending you a simple Demo.

This is similar to your desired requirement.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal

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