[Traditional web] Timeout error log with no stack on Service Center
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Traditional Web

On Service Center of Production environment, occasionally we get error log with no stack. Based on this error log, I cannot know the cause. Can anyone help guess its cause?

Error log with no stack:

hi Cuong Cao, 

A good idea would be to add logs for each timer step and have a setting or site property which in case of enabled could log that information. 

This way you would get a more accurate information where that error is being triggered. 

Hope that it helps you 


Agree with Alexandre, 

we also experienced this type of errors in our project which was due to heavy preparation. Now we have optimized the code, where ever required we have set up max record of aggregate to 1 and the section of the screen divided into Multiple blocks.

This is also may be the slow network, you can check the analytics from lifetime,may be helpful.

Hope this helps,


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