Unexpected behaviour regarding StartingSelection inside of a dropdownTags
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I have multiple tabs in 1 screen

The first tab includes the General form which asks for the project name etc...

Inside these tabs there are different forms each related to each other.

The 4th tab consists of  a dropdown tags, Which could have a pre-selected value.

Problem is that if it does have pre-selected value, my screen always goes to that 4th tab content immediately if I ever to go to that screen. 

It shouldn't start with that tab's content, also it does state that it is in the first tab however it still show me the 4th tab's content.

So this is the content of the 4th screen, but because of the pre-selected value it has, it just shows me the content of the 4th tab. This image is my unexpected behaviour and error.

Hi @Kadir Aksu ,

can you share an oml demonstrating the problem, and also can you say what version of Outsystems UI and what exact widgets you are using (tabs and dropdowntags both have a deprecated and new version) ?

I tried with Outsystems 2.12.0, 2.15.0 and 2.17.0, using the new tabs and the new dropdown tags, and can't reproduce the problem.


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