How to saving data from dropdown selected??

hi everyone

i have example save data to database, first i have table call data and field id, test1, test2, dropdown, second i have table dropdown and field id and name, so i can save data from input to field test1 test2, but i cant save data from dropdown selected to field dropdown, what should i do ?? 

Hello Bayu,

If I understand correctly you want the dropdown value you select to be saved in the "data" entity.

The best way to do this is to change the data type of the "dropdown" attribute in the "data" entity to "dropdown Identifier", this way the two are linked to each other. 

See the screenshot attached where I recreated your issue (or the oml file where I also created the screens).



oke, thank you so much for the answer, this is very helpful, i will try it 

This is a demo also about: "How to use a dropdown widget". Note that, in this case, the dropdown is inside of a form.

Best regards, 


oke thank for the answer, i will learn that documentation and watch that video.

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