[Discovery] AI Mentor doesn't show all my apps
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So, I receive this mensage in AI Mentor: "88 module(s) are unclassified and won’t be shown. To classify them, update Discovery to the latest version or classify them in your current Discovery version. " and I can't see some apps in the AI Mentor because of that. 

I tried some solutions but nothing works, like:
- Update Discovery
- Force sync
- Change the effective URL

Point to consider:
- In the company we have 2 environments with the same activation code, but we are only working with one, as suggested by the OS

Has anyone been through something similar and can help me? Please

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Hi Evelyn,

This is probably on the AI Mentor Studio side.

Nevertheless, we will check. 

Hi Evelyn, also check if , in Discovery tool you have modules with no classification (meaning, modules with no colour - they do not belong to any of the architecture layers)

Hi Rui! We checked and all modules has classification

Apparently, the updates are not being propagated to all users in the user list. Because for two of our colleagues, it works perfectly

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