Manage Entities and Attributes Dynamically

Manage Entities and Attributes Dynamically

Hi all,

imagine that some client has integration with another system (for example Siebel) and has an Outsystems application that synchronizes some tables with that system.
To the example be more easy, the synchronization is implemented with webservices, and it consists in reading Outsystems data and writing to Siebel data.

Now, the client says that the Siebel infra-structure is currently very instable and that every month they create and/or removes some Entites or attributes from the Siebel structure, and because of that, they want an Outsystems application to manage dynamically the Outsystems infra-structure, and not by Service Studio.

So, my question is, is it possible? For what I studie until now, we can add Entities references from the System "eSpace" and this Entities has the Create, CreateOrUpdate, etc,  so it appears to be possible.

But what happens when we open an eSpace with Service Studio that contains some Entites that was changed by the application and not by Service Studio, or even worst, com Entities were created or removed by the application?

Another thing is that I heard some years ago, that Outsystems in the future were going to remove the System reference so the developers could not mess the Outsystems infra-structure, and so it would prevent this scenario.

Once again this is just a fictitious scenario, but its very curious.

What do you have to say about this?

Outsystems staff come along and join us.


Nelson Freitas

Don't tell me that nobody is interested in this subject?

Hi Nelson,

Changing entities from external systems require the use of Integration Studio, and local entities that require using Service Studio.
There is really no way to avoid that. Even with access with System Entities (that you shouldn't mess with) you won't be able to do anything.

João Rosado
Hi João,

I totally agree with you, but I was wondering why do we have access to Create, CreateOrUpdate and Delete actions to that System Entities if we shouldn't mess with it?

Nelson Freitas
Nelson Freitas wrote:

Don't tell me that nobody is interested in this subject?

i do have some cases where i would find it usefull
or also dynamic addressing of entities and fields
but havent found a decent solution sofar =)
Hi, I was looking for something similar to what you're asking for and I've one suggestion.
You can create one generic extension to access siebel data and load it on two generic structures.
You can create a structure to store columns and then relate them with the rows with another generic structure.
Of course this solution requires in-depth knowledge of siebel database.