How to modify Manifest for adding billing
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Hello All;

I'm new on all these mobile app world and also outsystem.

As I understand we can not modify manifest .xml easily.

But also as I understand we have to modify it and add "billing" for being able to create "subscription" in google play for the app which we created.

I saw in some tpics it has been offered to use Android Permission Plugin

Link: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/15733/android-permission-plugin

I installed it, and add as dependency into my app.

and I removed existing records and added BILLING as below:

but it didn't work.

I also saw Extensibility Configurator in the topics which has been offered.

But unfortunately I didn't understand how to use.

in this Extensibility Configurations, what should I put?

and the other question, 

if I add Billing with this option, and if I need to remove it in the future, is it possible?

So it would be great if I can learn how can I add billing line into my manifest.xml.

Thanks from now.

Hello Nuno

Thanks for the reply.

But I simply want to add BILLING into my manifest.xml and handle the subsciption on google play side.

I will try this plugin too as a workaround:


I will put the result here .

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