[MSWordUtils] [MSWordUtils] How to merge 2 docx binary ?
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I have 2 docx binaries which i needed to combine into one final docx:
1st docx - contain only  page number  on the header
2nd docx - contains only body of texts (came from a ckeditor html convert - docx is working well)

I cannot locate any MSWordUtils services that could perform merging. 
I was trying using another forge called mergedocument but it's not working as well (already emailed asking author)
I would appreciate someone with experience of merging 2 documents into 1 to enlighten me ? Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Larry,

Thanks for your question.

I have found merging word documents quite a challenge. The library underlying this component will not merge MSWord documents very reliably.

However, I have found the Aspose.Words .NET library the most reliable way to merge MSWord documents.

Kind regards,


1. I tried it and it's not merging correctly,  Page 1 is blank.
2. This is a paid service unfortunately. I wonder why Mergedoc forge does not work.
But anyway, thanks for your reply, Stuart

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