Multi-Tenant access different tenants?

Multi-Tenant access different tenants?

might be an unusual question, since tenants should isolate one from the other.

but is it also possible to access multiple tenants?
ie. for analysis across all "companies"
and would only reading, or also writing be possible?

Hi enigma,

It is possible to do that.
Check the sections 3.6 and 4.4 of the How to Build a Multi-tenant Application technote.

The idea is to have a Backoffice eSpace where you set the multitenant entities (referenced from the main eSpace) with the "Show Tenant Identifier".
That eSpace will be able to break the isolation, so you need to be more carefull to what users have access to it.

As for the read/write question, It will depend on how the entities are created.
If they are set with "Expose Read Only" as "True" they will be read only on the backoffice eSpace.

João Rosado
thank you joao!