How to save user-uploaded files to storage
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I am developing web applications using Outsystems built in on-premises environment. I would like to create an action that saves files uploaded by users to on-premises another storage. Is there a better way?

Currently, we are implementing this by storing the target file as a BLOB in an external DB.

Hi Takahiko Namba,

The answer is Yes.

You will need to use this Forge called FileSystem.


Remember, If your on-premises infra has more than 1 front-end server, you need to specify which one will store the file. otherwise, it will save the file to the front-end server that processed the upload request.

for more detail, see the documentation tab, it will help you know how to use the Forge.


Hi Kiet Phan, 

Thank you for teaching me!
I would like to try following the link.

Thank you in the future.

You're welcome, glad to help you! 

Please keep asking questions if you still need help :) 

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