About using jqgrid with datagrid component

About using jqgrid with datagrid component

Hi all,

I have a question about is there any cases can develop a custom datagrid that using jqGrid. I had searched but saw that most of time, OS developers use the default datagrid that does not have some features for reports like: freeze columns, expand sub items.

Could you give me some solutions or any advice to built the component.

Thanks a lot.
What's the advantage of using jqGrid instead of tablerecord ?

The only nice feature I see is the spanning headers and the frozen columns
Hi Joop,

Thanks for your response. My case is I want some features like: freeze Header columns, freeze several first columns, have sub datagrid inside a row.

I just wonder if there's any way to build a component using datagrid api in OutSystems.

Hy Vinh,

I have add an oml that allows you to freeze header, columns built in with outsystems tables.

hope it helps
I did many studies but still haven't got a way. You may take some UI data grid control as reference, though those kind of things may not offer you the way to do what you want, but when you got to know the UI grid feature, you my get some hints which trigger you to consider your question in another way.