Keep only keyword and remove the rest from chunk of text
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Hi ;

not sure if there is a way to  do this i wish to save the keyword from a word document submitted by user.

I use a component to extract the text from word document and before i save it i wish to remove and keep only the keyword.

Example ;

"Until we settle the matrix chart in the excel file and is ready for upload, do not raise the request. Customer had feedback our lead time to deliver the confirmed order had increase in this financial year"

For above i only want to save the following and stripe the rest before i save it

"settle matrix chart excel file upload raise reqeust customer feedback lead time deliver confirmed order increase financial year"

Thank you in advance 

Thank you for your input , i am checking with HQ if they have the capability to install and get the outsystems-ai-language-analysis  to work in the environment 

This outsystems-ai-language-analysis  is quite cool 

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