how to have the same value evenhthough we do an soft delete

if we do the soft delete the remove project .after adding data is not deleted but data in the particular task become zero


Could you please provide more context to what you are attempting to achieve?

It looks like from the screenshots you might be trying to set 0 values in all the records to 'soft delete' the records/values. It looks like that is acheived in the screenshot but maybe the row you're using for summation is incorrect? We would need to see what's feeding that table/summation row to be able to give any insight.

RAD Manage

Actually sir.i created an soft delete for remove project.the project contains list of tasks.if admin add new task it does not reflecting here so I added an soft delete after adding the project again updated task will be added but the value in task timesheet becomes zero.sir if possible can we connect zoom for 5mins so I can explain clearly

Hello Arjun,

When you say "Soft Delete", how do you achieve that? From your logic it seems you are updating the timesheet lines, are you setting the values to 0 in your assignment prior to the update call?



No sir . actually using the soft delete to delete the things from ui not to delete it from database . but eventhough I am soft deleting the values are gone.if possible sir can we connect on zoom call for 2-5minutes I can explain

Hello Arjun,

You want to do soft delete right?

If Yes then you can add one attribute as IsActive in the entity and then whenever you want to do a soft delete then you can just set its value to false and in the grid you can show values having one filter as IsActive = True.
So this will only show the active tasks which were not deleted.

Hope it helps you.


Pavan R

Yes.but it was an traditional sir if possible we can connect 2-5 minutes on zoom or gmeet

I hope I helped you to clear your doubts through google meet. It was great talking to you.

Keep coding keep learning..!!

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