New Community Site feature: Articles [June 2012]

New Community Site feature: Articles [June 2012]

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to let you know that we have added a new resource to the thriving OutSystems Community site! Joining our bustling Forums, Components, Downloads etc we now have the OutSystems Articles!

In this section of the Community you will find exclusive articles on wide ranging subjects related to the software development industry we all are a part of. Articles topics are picked and written so as to challenge and serve as food for thought for professionals all across the industry and not just Agile Platform users.

Better yet, this is a Community-centric feature: do YOU have a relevant subject that you have and opinion on and are knowledgeable about? If so send us your article for review and publication via the button on the Articles homepage! Though initial articles will likely come from OutSystems staff, we want to promote YOUR articles!

To kick us off, we have a great article by Miguel Ventura on the concept of putting your own software to the test by eating your own dogfood. Follow this link to start reading!

Looking forward into seeing you in and around the Articles section!