Null value instead "" in SOAP request

I need help :_)

I need to pass a NULL value in a SOAP integration request.
Not a empty string, because I try to pass NullTextIdentifier() and doesn't works.

any help is wellcome!

NullTextIdentifier() would return "" as NullIdentifier() would return 0.

Variables also have these values by default, depending on their type, so in order to pass null maybe you'll need to pass nothing at all, and if the SOAP integration has that field as nullable it'll take null as value.

Hi Alexandra,

You mean you want the element to be empty, like one of these (which are identical)?


What is the data type of the element? Text or Integer?

yes, like your example.

The data type is text.

So what happens if you just assign an empty Text to the attribute? I would assume it would result in the above.

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