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Hi everyone,

In ODC I've imported an entity from Excel. After published (the entity was ok with data ok) I've tried to convert the entity to a static entity. The documentation states:

"After converting an entity to a static entity, the records from the database can be imported as static records. To import the database records, right-click the static entity, select Edit Entity, and then click the Import from Database button."

However, i don't see the button "Import from Database"

Hi Pedro,

The option can be found as this:

  1. Right click the entity you want to convert
  2. Select 'Advanced'
  3. On the submenu select 'Convert to Static Entity'



Hi @Daniel Kuhlmann 

Tkx for your reply. 

My problem is after that. Even if i publish or not, i don't see the button "Import from Database" witch is what i really need.

Strange I did all the steps without issue, did you actually try the steps I described, for me it converted the entity into a static entity.

Yes, i converted successfully too. My problem is after that. If i right click the static entity and choose edit entity i don't see the button "Import from Database" witch is what i need. 

Why you need that? What do you want to import, the data was already converted from the entity to the static entity 

To see the records and use them naturally as static entities e.g. "status.waiting". I'm having the same problem here, in ODC it doesn't seem to have the option to "import records from database" as in OS11

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